Cricket 97

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A fairly decent cricket game

A great cricket game from 1997, however this time the game did not feature real player names like Shane Warne as like in previous games. The game is a sequel of Cricket 96 and features better gameplay and graphics. The game was developed and programmed in Australia under Electronic Arts and Melbourne House and it was the final cricket game to be developed by the Melbourne House software company. Cricket 97 was still one of the most realistic looking cricket games of the late 90' and the graphics were pretty amazing for it's time. You may not get into cricket, but this can still be an enjoyable game to get the feel of the sport and to simulate a real sports game. You take on the role of batsman, wicket keeper, fielder or bowler, depending if you are on the catching or batting side of the team. If cricket is a new and foreign game to you, this would be a good introduction to the sport. You can also set up various modes of play a quick game, one day match, test match (3 day event) or play the world in a world challenge. A decent sports game, especially if you are from Australia, England, India or Sri Lanka where cricket is the cultural sport.

The Cricket simulation by EA

EA sports is undoubtely most famous for its soccer simulation like FIFA serie or basketball ones, with NBA Live. This is less famous but during the same years, their developers produced a very nice cricket simulation. Cricket 97 is a sport not so famous in Europe/US, so, it had quite big success only in East, like India, where the sport is very known and appreciated. Quite good graphics and gameplay, it's nice to have some match to play.

Good-looking cricket game

I like this game Cricket 97 is a good-looking cricket game designed by Melbourne House of Australia and published worldwide by EA Sports. Since the only exposure to cricket I have ever had was listening to a UK friend's description of a supposedly exciting world cup match.

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