Puzzle 1996 Windows Soleau Software Building Reflex oriented Design Tool

Pipes...with oil!

Oilcap is a well done arcade puzzle game, in which, as in Pipes, your main goal is to construct a labyrinth with the pipe fragments that you receive, so as to be able to contain the fluid that will continuously flow through them. In this particular game that fluid is crude oil, so, in a way, what you're doing is making sure a natural oil spill disaster won't occur! But, no matter how much you care about that which fills your pipes, one thing is for sure, you have to think in advance, see ways of making your pipe labyrinth as large as possible, especially in the later levels where the amount of oil that will have to be contained in them will be a lot higher. Graphically, it's a top down, 2D, well done enough game this one, and it also controls fairly easy, with immediate response from the pipe tiles. Later levels also increase the speed of the oil flow, so you have to think and knot your pipes faster if you are to be victorious. So, just Pipes, but with oil, for all of you nature preserving types, who like this good old puzzle game!

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