Bricks 2000

Puzzle 2000 Windows Tetris variant

A straightforward, no frills clone of Tetris

Bricks 2000 is, by any token a retro looking clone of Tetris which has the advantage of being playable in a window in operating systems starting with Win 98, and upwards. Unfortunately, this game brings no particularly novel ideas ot the table. The bricks, as they have always done, fall from the sky downwards, and from the moment they appear to the moment where they are forever fastened to the layer of bricks above them, you can manipulate them as you see fit. Each brick, indeed, comes in a new color, if you feel that color bricks are an advance on the genre! But, other than that, thankfully, the game plays quite well, is responsive in Win 2000 (which I ran in a virtual machine) and is quite immediate and just as fun as any other version of Tetris that is worth talking about. So, download it, along with another favorite of mine in terms of playability, Tetris Classic, which is also Pez like colored and overall, pretty fun and pretty well rounded. Another great ting about Bricks 2000 is the lack of proper, well done music, so you may want to turn that off and play your own selection of Russian music to go along this one!

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