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A post apocalyptic RPG

Fallout is a fantastic RPG game that has formed a cult of millions of followers around the globe and are active even to this day. The game is set in a parallel history, in which there was a great nuclear catastrophe in the 22nd century. The whole world is arranged in fallout colonies and depend on the limited resources that the planet has to survive. The game's main antagonist, called the Master, has leaked a virus that can kill all of mankind if you don't do something about it. And thus starts the game. You go around the world, interact with the NPC's, fighting enemies in a turn based combat system, all the while improving your stats and finding ways to defeat the master and destroy the virus that is plaguing mankind. The game is actually fantastic. It has a lot of action and a very intriguing plot that will certainly make you want to play the game more and more to find out how it comes out in the end. The graphics are surprisingly good for this time and age. The detail quality is very high and the isometric point of view is installed pretty good. The audio and music are both very satisfactory. It is not a wonder why this game has won millions of fans and started a series that will last for the next 13 years. Great, great work! And if you're satisfied with this game, try Fallout 2.

First episode of the greatest RPG saga

In 2 hours in the year 2077 the world was turned into ashes. Your family was one of many who escaped into the Vaults. For generations you have lived in the relative peace and harmony of Vault 13. Until now. The vault has only 4 - 5 months before the fresh water is gone. It is up to you to save your people by finding a new water chip, the only question you have to ask is will you be a savior to the wastelands...or its destroyer?

War never change

War never change. After a nuclear blast, the humankind lives in vaults. For some reason, you get out of this little paradise build by Vault-tec and are free to explore the new world, or the rest of it. In your journey, you can use guns and drugs to enhance your skills, but everything has a cost... Excellent RPG game.

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