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Diablo-like game but with mechs

Cybermercs came out in a period when there was a sustained mech resurrection in gaming, as the robotic exoskeleton suits/ships were loved by so many people and had helped sell many a game before. But, as it turn, pitting mechs in a top down isometric perspective isn't enough to entice fans of mechs, and creating a shallow action RPG won't entice action RPG fans either. From the mech lover's perspective, not being to control a mech from its metal insides is just as good as not controlling them at all, as a mech from the outside is just as good as any other robot, armor heavy prince or princess or whatever else. From the perspective of the action RPG lover, if you don't create an environment with enough diversity, a good amount of loot and above all an enticing and diverse dungeon systems, that RPG will fail. Basically, while it could have been the game to bring together the lovers of mechs and RPGs and combined get to rule the world, Cybermercs got lazy and only created a shallow, lazy experience, which will soon bore you, no matter how much you like the bombasm of mechs. Give it a try, sure, the game at least is not broken or unplayable, it just lacks diversity. But I'm pretty sure the lack of a motivating backstory, the bland graphics and the enemies that act no smarter than a common zombie would, will soon drive you away.

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