Arcade 1989 Dos Arkanoid style

Dire and pointless Breakout clone

With a title like Brokeout, it's not hard to guess what kind of game you are in for if you fire this one up. Just in case you don't know your history, then the clear inspiration here is the classic bat and ball game Breakout, which has spawned countless imitators from Arkanoid to Batty and Bananoid. If you are a fan of this particular genre, you might find some amusement here but it will probably prove too basic for anyone but the most ardent follower, as it lacks any innovative or even interesting features. As ever with this sort of thing, the simple goal of the game is to use your little paddle which sits at the bottom of the screen, to knock out the bricks which occupy the top half. In this type of game there are usually powerups and imaginatively designed levels to keep you hooked, but in Brokeout you have absolutely nothing of the sort. Yes, that's right, there are no powerups or even levels here, with simply one single solitary level which merely consists of five solid lines of blocks. You only have one life (there must have been something about the number one which appealed to the developers) which is where the challenge lies, but to be honest it is unlikely that anyone is going to bother completing the single level, given the fact that there is absolutely no reward or incentive for doing so. As far as Breakout clones go, this has to be absolutely the worst one imaginable. Other copies have added little to the concept but manage to remain fun anyway but this one is just pointless and can easily be skipped, unless you absolutely have to play every Breakout clone in existence.

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