Arcade 1989 Dos Dosbox Banana Development Arkanoid style

Arkanoid with levels mashed into just one sidescrolling screen

If this was a simple Arkanoid with the falling powerups in the form of bananas, but the game flowed as we're used to, one level at a time, I think I would have said, alright, here's another take on the classic arcade gem. But no, this one thought itself a little too smart for its own good, and it put forth a recipe that saw all the levels, all the brick constructs mashed into one continuous sidescrolling level. Why? I dunno! Does it work? Well, not really. Unless you count frustration on your list of game features that you like. Because your ball is bouncing a lot from level to level and you don't get to concentrate on one array of bricks, and thus, the game is just worn thin by its own gimmick. Otherwise it could have been alright game. The graphics are pretty decent, well polished, and well strung, but, unfortunately, the game is not focused on the level at hand, you're just bouncing off and on screen too much. Also, the paddle moves a little too slow to cover all the ground that ball is traveling and soon enough it just dawns on you that this gimmick is stupid and breaks your enjoyment. Nope, sorry, you have to go back to Krypton Egg or to, say, Arkanoid 2, this one game here is by no means a playable one. It wears itself thin too much.

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