Arcade 1988 Dos Dosbox Lacral Arkanoid style Single screen

Very addictive and full of variety

It is a very addictive arcade style game where you have to break bricks through a ball that you will hit the bricks with. The hitting of the ball to the bricks is controlled by a paddle that you have on the screen. Not all the bricks can be broken and some are there to trap the ball and make it more difficult for you to strike them with your paddle. This is not it as you also have enemies roaming around on every level and you also have to counter them. The level designs in the game are very unique and are non-repetitive. At every new level you will find different patterns of bricks which get tougher and tougher to destroy. Some of the bricks require multiple hits to be broken. There is also a good variety of upgrades in the game at some levels. Some of the bricks will release letters when they are broken and catching the letters will make the following changes to the gameplay e.g. the length of the paddle increases, the paddle starts to through in lasers at your enemies, enemies get stuck in their traps, the number of balls become three, you get more lives etc. Other similar games in this category which are also addictive includes Arkanoid 2.

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