Bungaru WA

Arcade 2001 Windows Platformer Anime

A hop and bopper under the sea!

In Bungaru WA you will be tasked with underwater jumping and platforming, with the same kind of nonchalance and happy go lucky attitude of SpongeBob SquarePants! Yep, nobody cares that you are underwater, you can jump and bop about, and you'll have no option but to do it, because the game requires you to, and also, the world is all about that mechanical thing. There are also a few other ideas that the game plays with and creates really interesting results, such as the simplistic graphics theme, which seems made out of Tetris blocks. But, no matter what, Bungaru WA is a game that has a lot of staying power, because you get caught in it. What will drive you away is the rather poor production value, more precisely the fact that the game uses ugly tile sets and uses them too often for its own good. And so, you just end up, after, say, a few minutes of play, wondering why the developers haven't invested in a few more tile production. Well, that won't help, since the game isn't trained to respond to you, so, rather you're forced to abandon it, and just go about, say, to a title like Acter World, still about underwater hopping an boppin but a slightly bit more original, and good looking.

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