Eternal Daughter

Arcade 2002 Windows Blackeye Software Platformer Anime

A colorful platformer with a girl looking for her identity

In Eternal Daughter you play the young Mia, a girl that was burn into bondage, but, in this adventure sidescroller platformer game, she has a chance of finding, once and for all, who she is, and also, escape her captors. The game is very colorful, very cartoonish, and in spite of the very serious backstory it's a delight to play, even by younger audiences. It is designed to look like a retro game, in the style of the SNES 16 bit games of the late 90s, with beautiful backgrounds, especially the cavern interiors, and many different, and nicely themed areas where you will be going about. Soon enough though, Eternal Daughter gets quite difficult, which, on one hand is good, because you don't have to repeat very large sections that you've already completed, but on the other, for players that don't like very precisely produced sidescrollers, with need for very careful planning, for those the game might prove a little bit too overwhelming. At any rate, if you're not a novice of sidescroller platformers, you'll get through it. A similar game is Diabolika, which also features a female protagonist and is almost as good as this freeware title, though, perspective wise, it's a top down game.

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