Akuji The Demon

Arcade 2002 Windows E. Hashimoto Platformer Anime

A parody game tackling Castlevania like games

Akuji The Demon is a direct spoof to the game Castlevania: this becomes apparent the first moment you boot it, as the look and the feel as well as the premise of the story are similar. However, the developer, has a very interesting sense of humor that exceeds the story level and becomes entangled in the gameplay itself. Let me give you a few examples: Do you remember those outlandish swords that the Final Fantasy series heroes use? The unusually big and seemingly unwieldy ones? Well, your pixel tall protagonist will get them, and early on, and he'll be killing Kirby looking creatures with it! Yap, it relies on you having a knowledge of the NES classics, but that is mainly the point of the game. In being a spoof it also pays homage to some of the classics on the console, without, however, putting them down. Instead, the game's feel is that someone just loved these games a bit too much but kind of had enough of them, and tried to give them a new lease of life in a really funny way!. At any rate, the game stands its ground and technically is a really well done side scroller. And, if you appreciate the games of the NES console, you will definitely be able to find many nods to them, which makes this game even more interesting to consider!

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