Valkyrie: The Magical Odyssey

Arcade 2000 Windows Chili Con Valley Platformer Myth and legend Anime

Varied platformer, Japanese anime styled

Valkyrie: The Magical Odyssey offers you a large variety of levels and challenges, platforming style, quite well done, especially since the title was released as freeware. It tells the story of this mythical land, where a potion needs to be located that will aid in saving the entire humanity. Getting there will take you through all sort of levels, some that ask you to be more acrobatic, others that have some other brands of challenges. Nonetheless, the game is very interesting and well produced throughout. The graphics are styled Japanese anime style and the quality is pretty decent. But the best feature of the game is its very large and sprawling levels, that make use of a lot of verticality. So, all things considered, Valkyrie: The Magical Odyssey is a really well put together game, diverse, full of Easter eggs and secrets, for those that love exploration, even if it is confined to a sidescroller adventure. The game feels a bit like Spelunker but, given the styling and the feel it sure is a different beast to that one, though the same sprawling build, that is inviting towards exploration marks both creations.

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