Hollywood Hijinx

Adventure 1986 Dos Dosbox Infocom Humorous Mystery

Average fun adventure game

It is a simple adventure game with a simple plot and a very simple gameplay. The plot in the game is that you need to inherit the fortune of your uncle for which you will have to do a fortune hunt in a vast mansion of a Hollywood movie. Well it sounds strange to you but the game is very interesting and entertaining despite the simple adventure in it. It basically involves a great variety of puzzles which have their distinct set ups and distinct solutions. The puzzles are normally time based and they are very logical and that is the best feature in the game. The set up is basically based on the times of the 195o's and this shows in the themes and the designing of the mansions. The game gives a very simple look which might not be liked by some gamers, but once you start playing it, you won't leave it until it's over. The graphics are very good and in line with the theme of the game and the A1 is really tough because of the good puzzles here. The UI is not much to talk about and the controls are pretty average. A good game overall but a better one is Deja Vu.

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