Tass Times in Tonetown

Adventure 1986 Dos Dosbox Activision Science Fiction Humorous

Brilliant adventure flick

It is a futuristic, adventure and a strategic sci-fi game that has some very unique features and gameplay elements which are not to be seen with many other games of this vast genre. You will play as a character that will need to go to the Tonetown in order to save his loved grandpa from the crocodile creature in the game. The only aid you have in the game is a dog that is not only your helper but can also turn into a good star reporter. Well it's quite unique as I said and is quite strange as well. Have you seen any game with a triangular moon and a floating phone? The answer is surely no but this game will give you a great spectrum of unique gameplay and a good variety of some very tough puzzles that you will counter through the course. The reasons of the existence of the town will also be given in detailed narration in the game. The graphics that are there are more than what we can terms as satisfactory because all the details are crystal clear and the gameplay is very silk and smooth. The same are the features with the Mars Saga with a great diversity.

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