Riven: The Sequel to Myst

Adventure 1997 Windows Cyan Movie style Medieval Puzzle based Puzzle Fpp Casual

Hard point and click adventure

Riven: The Sequel to Myst is a point and click adventure game, very similar to the popular hit game Myst. Since this is the direct sequel to Myst, I will be comparing it to it's predecessor. As I was a major fan of the Myst game, I expected it to be very similar in game-play, graphics and design. Riven, was amazing in graphics, it brings you into another world, like the original Myst game did. If you are playing Riven from it's original CD however, it is a game that comprises of a total 6 cd's. While this may seem okay, it can be quite frustrating and time consuming as the game constantly requires you to change discs. The cut scene's can take quite a long time too, which means, you will become frustrated, simply trying to get from A to B in the game. There also doesn't appear to be a clear cut storyline, as there was in the first game or that same element of mystery and awe. It is also a much, much harder game. While it can be fun to enjoy the beautiful graphics and interesting world's it can quickly become quite frustrating and time consuming. I haven't played this game with a walk through, as I feel that would sort of defeat the purpose of it being an adventure game. I am actually quite disappointed in this game, I suppose only because I had such high expectations of a game that was meant to be a sequel to Myst. Riven was late enough to come out on the original Playstation (PS1) platform, I am not sure if this would alter the experience of the game as opposed to playing on computer. I would recommend playing the original Myst before Riven, if you are new to adventure games. While Riven might be a game for some die hard adventure game fans, as I know there is still a cult following going on for the Myst series, therefore I might be overlooking something in this game. Every few years I try to give this game another go, but I end up just getting bored and frustrated after I get over the virtual scenery and swapping discs every 10 minutes.

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