Adventure 1990 Dos Bitmap Brothers Medieval Puzzle based

Beautifully drawn isometric puzzler and adventure game

Few will remember the isometric original Knight Lore who revolutionized the way adventures on the ZX Spectrum looked like. But, if you're not looking to go so back into the past for a taste of 90 degrees isometrics, Cadaver, while sporting a bit of a weird name if ultimately an ok action adventure experience. You will play as the Karadoc a very dwarf like dwarf in that he's always looking for gold and jewels. The start of the game finds you in a mission to seek out Dianos, a necromancer hidden in the depth of Casle Wulf. The entire game, just like the Knight Lore game will take place solely inside the castle. Each level of the castle will be a level in the game, so you will be adventuring for no more than 5 levels. The interaction with the game is done via a number of commands, which are quite simple. You will push, throw, you will stack objects and so on. The stacking of objects is helpful when you need to reach a higher place that is not accessible to the small Karadoc. The graphics are absolutely amazing, really detailed and each chamber will put you against a new puzzle and a new challenge. The game features almost no fighting but this doesn't mean that you won't have fun. The puzzles will keep you occupied and will solicit your entire attention at time. Overall, Cadaver is a very fulfilling adventure that sort of re-imagines the trials of tribulations of the much older Knight Lore adventure, bringing more color and flavor to that exact recipe.

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