The Legend of Kyrandia: book 1

Adventure 1992 Dos Dosbox Westwood Medieval Point and click Fantasy

Superb fantasy adventure

Although largely unknown by many gamers, this is actually something of a forgotten gem which deserves a wider audience, thanks to its captivating storyline and engrossing puzzles and quests. Set in a magical land of dragons and magic, Legend of Kyrandia sees players embarking on an epic journey to restore peace to the land after the much loved King is murdered by his insane court jester. The game takes the form of a point-and-click adventure, similar to Broken Sword or Day of the Tentacle, and uses an inventory system which is considerably more flexible than that found in other similar games, which encourages players to experiment with objects in order to solve puzzles. The story itself is laced with humour and the game world is populated with a sparkling array of characters that lend it a great deal of colour and personality. The dialogue is regularly witty and inventive and really helps to draw the player into the story. The graphics too add much to the game, being bright and vibrant, full of lush detail that draws the eye into the varied environments, while the music and sound too are quite charming. Really, the game is only marred slightly by its occasionally frustrating puzzles and lack of polish, but beyond this, Legend of Kyrandia is a fantastic and enjoyable fantasy adventure. The sequels, Legend of Kyrandia: book 2 and The Legend of Kyrandia: book 3, continue in the same vein and are equally recommended.

A magical adventure

Legend of Kyandia is a magical fantasy adventure game that is sperated in three parts, and this is only the first (the other two being book two and three . It is special for its very good and interesting plot line. In Book 1, you see the story through the eyes of Brandon, a prince who just had his parents killed by a mad jester with great magical power. The same has jester also stolen a very powerful stone which contains the kingdom's energy. Sworn to revenge and with a mission to retrieve the stone, you set of on an unforgettable adventure. The game is also great because of it simple point and click gameplay and very simple user interface, making it very easy to play. The game has fantastic graphics, with rich and colorful surroundings and great animation. It is absolutely outstanding to watch. The game also has a great sound system, with music appropriate to the situation and good sound effects. This is only the first of three games and I urge you to go through the whole journey, I guarantee that you will most definitely not be sorry.

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