King's Quest 5

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King Graham is back to beat the evil

The King's Quest series is one of the most beautiful and charming adventure game series that has definitely marked the 80's and a large part of the 90's and each one of the games are fabulous enough to keep your heart warm for hours afterwards. King's Quest 5 would definitely be my favorite because it features the best characters, the most interesting story and the most captivating gameplay. King Graham, the protagonist from the first game and second game is back again and in another exciting adventure, this time to destroy the evil wizard Mordack and to retrieve his stolen castle. The gameplay is by now very familiar to the fans but even newcomers will soon find their way around the controls and movement which is very simple and practical. Graham and his owl friend Cedric together create a great adventure full of magical wonders, amazing sights and people that make the game all the more interesting. The graphics are much improved than those in the earlier years which really make the game look very beautiful. If you like fantasy adventure games and are interested in the King's Quest series, this one is the way to go - but don't forget to check out the other ones, too!

Keep On Rockin' In Daventry!

The King's Quest series will always be near and dear to my heart. The sixth entry was stellar enough to encourage me to go check out what I've been missing. The immediate prequel is 90 as impressive. I only say that because you can never really get over the bias of your "first" The protagonist, King Graham, was the star of King's Quest I and II. He retired for a while, then King's Quest V brought him back into action. This adventure really made me love King Graham. Even as much as I love VI, Graham is the king of all adventure heroes. I was incredibly psyched to hear he would dust off the adventurer's cap one more time for the finale, King's Quest: The Silver Lining. It's a little difficult to make much progress with a maze at the very beginning, and there are some ways to irrecoverably lose the game and not know it for several hours later. In fact, you might not even know that there was something to do. So, to help ease the possible frustration, I recommend having a guide handy, or at least a pencil and paper. Rock on, King Graham!

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