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City builder/manager adventure set in ancient Rome

Caesar is a dated by today's standards city builder putting you in charge of building a Roman dwelling to satisfy the needs of the crowd of the era. The challenges are the regular ones for the builder genre: you need to manage your limited budget while trying to optimize the way you produce the city and the way its inhabitants relate to it. So, furthermore, you will be required to think your city planning in advance, take into consideration the need for expansion, while at the same time, trying to please all the social classes in your city. Another idea the game uses, that will make you think twice about your city development is the use of a ranking system for your player avatar. At the beginning you play as a lower bureaucrat, but later, on, the better you manage to satisfy the crowds, the higher you will rank. Graphically, the game shows its age. It's a 2D game with little depth of field for your buildings, but nevertheless, it is functional, though not too esthetically pleasing. So, if you don't mind a rather lower graphic standard, the game can produce a good balance of gameplay, where your higher level city building choices are relevant and do feedback to you enough so that you'll feel in control. But, definitely, a game for hardcore city builder aficionados, nonetheless.

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