Caesar 2

Strategy 1995 Dos Dosbox Sierra Historical Empire management Building

Build a city like no other!

City building, yet set in antiquity, at the height of the Roman empire was a challenge that Caesar had mastered, while this game just gave it more polish, and made it less susceptible to cheating! The upgrade, graphically, while not monumental, is significant; all the tiles, buildings, land and everything else has gotten a good revamp, yet the style is the same 2D, well produced one, that many will find to be very likeable. Also, while the first game had a bit of a strategy edge, it never explored that possibility thoroughly; thus, with Caesar 2 a lot more in terms of real time strategy skirmishes has been made possible; on one hand because of the inclusion of barbaric factions, and on the other because of more control options for the strategy part. Yet, don't expect this game to be a strategy fest; it is not; it is however a good city builder and city management game, a lot more comprehensive and playable than the first title in the series. So, go ahead, download it, Rome need to be built, brick by brick!

Build the Roman Empire from scratch

Caesar 2 is a fantastic game that has the strategic span and quality of TBS Civilization and RTS Age of Empires and huge detail and enormity of city simulation, SimCity, only it's limited to the territory and time span of the full splendor of Ancient Rome. You start with absolutely nothing, a simple patch of land, and are expected to build and empire out of it. You build little vilages, then towns, then the city of Rome and then, whole Italy is under your command. You have to manage the entire empire with accuracy only the wisest and smartest of rulers have. There are barbarians that are constantly attacking you, so you have to learn how to defend your self. The game's enormity and complexity is truly something to be admired. The graphics are truly remarkable and the building and units are designed with impeccable detail, down to the smallest block. The entertainment level is, little to say, extremely high. This has got to be one of the best games in both the strategy and simulation level. Truly remarkable work.

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