Call of Duty

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Best World War 2 Game

Call of Duty is the smash hit series of video games, that has now become one of the most popular video games in the world. The game is a first person shooter and acts like a realistic war simulator as realistic guns and war themes are often technically accurate based around world war 2. The game is a lot of fun to play with friends online and multiplayer which is has made it so popular but the single player missions are well designed and the storyline will keep your attention. Despite single player first person shooters being still very common at the time of this games release, the Call of Duty game redefined the war genre in video games. Many of the people that left the programming team that made the Medal of Honor games left and proceeded to work on Call of Duty at the programming team of Infinity Ward. Call of Duty really made you feel like you participated in the critical battles of World War II which is what made it such a great game. It really does make it seem like you are in Steven Spielberg's "Saving Private Ryan" movie.

No words to describe

Tired of all world war 2 themed games? With so many games out there on the market, it's pretty hard to acknowledge a good one. You must have heard if not already played the popular Call of Duty 4. Well this one is his grandfather. Call of Duty takes you through a series of campaigns, ranging from SAS missions, to recapturing stalingrad etc. The point is, that this game doesn't get boring too fast. Environments change when they are supposed to, plently of weapons to choose from and a lot of other stuff you should discover on your way. I suggest you download the demo, and after that go and buy the game.= 9/10

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