Iron Storm

Action 2002 Windows DreamCatcher Interactive Military War Military FPS Shooter Adventure Indie Sci fi

Intriguing but disappointing alternate history shooter

An alternate history FPS, this presents an intriguing attempt to do something different with the genre, but is ultimately something of a disappointment due to several major problems which simply cannot be avoided. The story itself shows plenty of promise and is set in a timeline where World War I never ended and instead still drags on in 1964, with the Russian-Mongolian Empire now set against the United States of Western Europe, an alliance between the US and the Allies. Thrown into this conflict is the player character, a young lieutenant tasked with destroying a secret weapon being developed by the Russo-Mongolians. Backing up this narrative hook are some highly creative ideas, where elements from WWI trench warfare are mixed freely with more modern ideas and where players get to explore some unusual environments. Sadly however, it all goes downhill from here. The graphics are pretty simplistic and dated (even at the time of release), lacking in detail and with some poor animation and textures, while there is a distinct shortage of visual effects. This renders the game overly bland in visual terms despite the potential of the set design. Moreover, missions are unexciting and linear, with some overly vague objectives that make completing them more of a chore than a challenge. Enemy AI is also erratic to the point of frustration, while the numerous glitches don't help matters. Despite its compelling storyline, Iron Storm simply isn't a good enough shooter to satisfy most fans of the genre, and Brothers in Arms, Medal of Honor or other classics are far safer bets.

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