Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault

Action 2004 Windows ak tronic Software & Services Military War Military FPS Shooter Fpp Historical

Revisit the Pacific Front in World War II

Medal of Honor is a long running series of first person shooter games set in the various fronts of the World War 2. This game is the seventh installment in the series and is set of the Pacific Battlefront. The game puts you in the shoes of Pvt. Thomas Conlin, a U.S. Marine in the Pacific Theater of Operations in World War II. There is a vast plot line, but it is largely irrelevant and pretty cliche, since the game's objective is to kill every hostile that you see. The game is played in crystal clear 3D graphics, with full voice acting and fabulous dynamics. The Medal of Honor truly is one of the best in the world of first person shooter games (the Unreal series being another). The game recreates the historical events fairly accurately and is well informed about the weapons and infantry system of the World War 2. In a few minutes, you will get to experience the blood, sweat and tears every soldier has to go through in any war. Incredibly believable and realistic. What else to say? A typical, but fantastic installment in the worlds best first person shooter series, and a treat for all MOH players. Great work!

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