Call to Arms

Strategy 1982 Dos Sirius Publishing Board games Military

Solid board game-like military sim

This early attempt at a serious computer-based historical wargame might not be the best example of the genre, but is certainly worth a look for those gamers into abstract and detailed military experiences. Rather unusually, the game isn't themed around a particular period, like White Death or Panzer Battles, and instead offers two unrelated scenarios for players to enjoy. The first is set in Europe in 1942 and the second in Scotland in 1750, with both playing out in similar fashion, akin more to a numbers-based board game. Between two and four factions can participate in battles and armies are moved from region to region, with engagements occurring as you meet your opponents, and with the objective being simply to dominate all regions of the map. The game is turn-based with a limited number of orders available for each unit, such as reinforce and attack, with the computer calculating the outcome of any battles which occur. There are a few of options which can be tweaked to alter the style of game and to add to the replay, such as starting forces and the number of territories available, but Call to Arms isn't overly burdened with detail. It is a game more suited to fans of Risk or Empire Deluxe rather than Steel Panthers, with its lack of scenarios, units and consistent atmosphere generally working against it. If you are looking for a relatively straightforward historical wargame, and are not bothered by flashy visuals or high levels of authenticity, then this is actually pretty good stuff though and is certainly worth a look.

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