Civilization: Call to Power

Strategy 1999 Windows Activision God game or micromanagement Alternate History Turn based

Prolific strategy game which became a hit

This game from Activision was an instant hit when it first came to the scene although it was not designed by their famous developer Sid Meir. It is a great strategy game which depicts a lot of effort and creativity on the part of the company. The game is successor to the original civilization and has taken it to a whole new level where everything is far more improved. Starting with graphics, they have made them more clear and colorful which has added a good amount of depth to the gameplay. This time around, the plot of the game or the timeline does not stick to the 21st century as it moves on the year 3000. The game is basically about discovering technologies that have been designed by aliens. You have a lot of options in the gameplay in which one is to covert the cities using the map that you have. You can either play the game with the CPU or you can play it with your buddies. The AI has been made really competitive and does not allow you to get bore. They have also tried to make the themes much more realistic. Civilization 3 which came in after this one also made the same great impact in strategy games.

Still great

I'm so disappointed about Activiosion lately. Not that I hate the company, but it lost one of the greatest game developers, Infinity Ward, who brought us the greatest World War II FPS, Call of Duty 2. Now here's a fact: there's a Civilization game that wasn't developed by Sid Meier. That's right! Civilzation: Call to Power was actually developed by Activision as a successor to the extremely successful Civilization game. Released in 1999, the game was a blast and did not disappoint. I think that the man himself, Sid Meier, was proud of Activision for making a great game. The graphics are beautiful and colorful and the gameplay great. One of the most noticeable differences from the original Civilization is that the timeline of the game doesn't end in the 21st century, but rather goes to the year 3000. Another difference is that there is a new type of victory here, the Alien Life Project which is triggered by a "wormhole sensor" wonder. It's basically discovering alien technology. You can convert enemy cities on the map, which is a nice feature. There's a lot more that I can say about how great this game is, but I'd rather let you discover it for yourself. So, if you ever happen to stumble upon a copy of this game, buy it!

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