Risk - The Game of Global Domination

Simulation 1996 Windows Hasbro Board games Military

A charged and amped up RISK!

If you want to go serious and steady about RISK playing, then with this gem here, you get exactly that which you were hoping for! A game that knows how to enlarge the recipe, by offering you large maps, by offering you a much more enlarged roaster of battles, while, at the same time, keeping the basic recipe the same. And here's the deal, the rule set of the RISK game are still the same, but a few new elements are added. These don't disrupt the basic game, not at all, but they add character to it, they add more value and more satisfaction to the game. As such, with this Risk you really get a feel of much larger expanses of forces and, naturally, the games will take longer to play. Graphically, the ideas of the board game are the same. This world is split into smaller bits which you need to control. But, given your limitations in terms of units, you will have to be very careful how you advance. Yes, it's still a game of rock paper scissors, but nonetheless, it creates a very enticing product, one that is always going to offer you satisfaction and will keep you playing for long. Give it a try and have some other highly celebrated RISK game around to always have a choice. Hasbro's product, though, is killing it!

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