Steel Panthers

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I liked the gameplay

It is a turn based strategy game which is based on the theme of the World War 2. The game belongs to a great series as all the installments have been liked by users all over. The gameplay takes place on a hexagonal board where you will command and control units and war machines and your goal is to eliminate all the units of your enemies before they eliminate yours. The game involves good depth of options such as the stand alone mode and the campaign mode. The standalone mode allows you to fight individual battle scenarios while the campaign mode covers the entire battle. The other great option in the game is that it provides you a level editor through which you can make different battle scenarios for playing. The game is based on turns so this means that you have to think out every movement. The A1 is really great as it gives you tough enemies to counter. The graphics are not that special but they have a good range of colors. The user interface in the game is top class as it supports both simplicity and is quite interactive. Overall it is one of those you should definitely go for. Steel panthers 3 is another installment of this series and is even more competitive and exciting.

SSI's style of game

Steel Panthers is a military simulation videogame developed and published by Strategic Simulations Inc. This game is no stranger to the style in which SSI has treated its wargames back in the days. Similar to Panzer General, with overall hexagonal-style board of game you play as a general of either the Axis or the Allied Forces, place units on the board and trying to eliminate all of the enemy units, before you lose all of your units. Oh, and it's turn-based, so you need to think before you make your move.

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