Ballgame 2

Puzzle 1992 Dos Toxic Dream Item collection Strategic scope

Ball bouncing fun

If you like other ball-bouncing games such as Wizball, Arkanoid or Marble Madness, then you might like to check out this fun little diversion that has much of the same kind of appeal as these aforementioned classics. Ballgame 2 is not quite in the same league but is nevertheless an enjoyable little time waster that is perfect for a dreary old Sunday afternoon. There is a kind of humorous back story to the game, which spoofs Star Trek and other sci-fi adventures but it's not exactly detailed or deep and merely serves to give things some kind of context. Basically though, you control a cute little purple ball that rather strangely has been charged with exploring the galaxy under the orders of Starfleet command in order to find and retrieve as many dilithium crystals as possible. What this translates into in game terms is a little maze game where you must guide the ball that various stages that are littered with holes and other such obstacles, while collecting as many crystals as you can find. There's a time limit to add to the challenge while you can also grab bombs for a bit of explosive wall demolition in case you get stuck. That's pretty much it for Ballgame 2 but while the concept may be simple, it's all executed well enough to warrant a decent exploration. The levels are well designed, with some genuinely testing little puzzles to complete and although the graphics are simple, the sheer joy of exploration is well conveyed and which makes the whole thing unusually compelling. By no means a must play, Ballgame 2 nevertheless stands as a good old-fashioned bit of entertainment.

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