Deadly Rooms of Death

Strategy 1996 Windows Webfoot Technologies Top down

Superb puzzle action

Now this is a truly classic puzzle game, the sort of fiendish masterpiece that will appeal to fans of Lemmings, Worms and The Incredible Machine. There is some sort of background to the game, and which involves King Dugan and his problems with his dungeons which have become infested with cockroaches, goblins and other assorted nasty things. So it is that he sends Beethro Budkin the exterminator, the player, into the dungeons to sort things out. Armed only with a Really Big Sword, Budkin must navigate his way through a series of rooms, taking out the bad guys as he goes. Gameplay is turn-based, with the dungeons represented by tile-based environments, with the player able to move in any direction or rotate their sword to deal with oncoming threats and with monsters making their moves in response to the player's actions. There is wide range of creatures to defeat, each with their own personality and attack strategy and it is up to the player to figure out this out and plan their own response carefully. As with the best puzzler, Deadly Rooms of Death is simple in concept but extremely challenging, with hundreds of fiendishly designed levels that will keep you entertained and enthralled for hours on end. While the graphics are about as crude as they come, with extremely basic sprites viewed from overhead and minimalist environments, this doesn't really matter too much, as the puzzles on display here are so maddeningly addictive. The game has that elusive one-more-go factor that is so often lacking but which is absolutely vital in a puzzle game, so if you enjoy head-scratchers, then check this out!

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