Champion of the Raj

Strategy 1991 Dos PSS Historical Empire management

Ambitious, depicting British/Maharajas/Moguls and Gurkhas war

In the 17th century the India was on fire, as the warring factions of the British invaders, the Maharajas as well as the tribes of the Moguls and Gurkhas were having at it in order to secure this piece of land that was so very important for its resources and for many other reasons. The game tries to convey that very conflict, and the sense that a lot was afoot during that period. Even the game here is pretty good a sketch representation of that period, on one hand because of the economics restrictions and power-play that the game does a good job at conveying, but also because of the overall alright mechanic, not overtly encumbered of the game. By this I mean that while a lot is rendered, in terms of tactical options, in terms of economic simulation and so on, not the same depth is poured into the details, which makes this a highly palatable and very easily playable game. So give the game a try, it sure is worth it, it is a nice, playable empire management/higher level strategy. A good alternative to download is Annals of Rome

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