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C64 fan remake but well developed nonetheless

Kaiser, the original was one of those early strategies that wanted to be an economic sim, wanted to be a politics simulator, and a general management game. And sure enough, it managed a good job, so much so that a fan took it upon itself to bring the game on the DOS platform in a new set of clothes and for the much bigger personal computer scene, which by 91 was sure big as it could ever be. So, the remake is pretty much along the lines of the original, but much better in terms of graphics and ease of interaction. You could play the entire game mouse only, though it was useful to learn some of the keyboard commands, just so you'd have a much better time controlling it. So, yeah, it's playable, looks alright, but I don't know, kind of too niche to be a game for everyone. Maybe fans of the Anno series might find it to their liking, the rest of us, well, we could just as well find our entertainment in the later releases from this one man studio, Vermeer and The Fugitive being two of his most notable games.

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