Cinema Tycoon 2: Movie Mania

Simulation 2007 Windows Tik Games Business Tycoon style Strategy

Growing a virtual business

Cinema Tycoon 2: Movie Mania is a strategy and a simulation game that suits perfectly for those with entrepreneurial spirit, either with a native or a developing one. The menu of the game shows the Daily News, The Films you have to buy for growing your business, and you can also see the progress of your actions in the Reports, concerning your profits, loss, balance sheet or your competitors. In the Upgrades menu, you are able to improve the technology incorporated in your cinema ( projectors, the sound system, etc.), the advertising or the consumer goods (snack bar). This aspect will depend , of course, on your amount of money . The tutorial will keep you in touch with your missions and goals. The main attraction of the game is the fact that you will control everything : you will have the power to hire or to fire employees, buy or sell movies, provide the necessary things for a high reputation. A lot of money will give you access to various options for internal design (seats, screens) or external design (ticket windows, valet parking, arcade). This game is fun, easy, challenging, but after a few days, you will probably get bored. If you pay attention to small details, you will have nothing but advantages. Try it and you will see if you got what it takes to become a Cinema Tycoon!

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