Sim Theme Park

Simulation 1999 Windows Electronic Arts Trade or management Business Tycoon style


Sim Theme Park is a simulation game released in 1999 by Electronic Arts, one of the most successful videogame companies. Its prequel is the 1994 game called Theme Park. You are given a specific amount of money to build your park with roller coasters, various rides and consumption stalls. At times, when you lack of finances, you can take loans. There are various areas to unlock, and different parks with their own theme to choose from: the prehistorical Lost Kingdom, the scary Halloween World, the fantasy Wonderland and the futuristic Space Zone. Your player's general goal is to make money constantly, extending the built parks, and keeping the visitors happy, entertained, fed up and thrilled by the available rides. That is why this game isn't just an amusement park simulation, but also a business management simulation. The maintenance is based on deleting, upgrading or editing the objects and items. You can also raise ticket prises, hire and fire employees and do what you think is best for the success and profit of your business. One aspect that allows you to try for yourself the exciting experience is the first person view, where you can ride and admire the surroundings of your park. Sim Theme Park definitely knows how to catch the player's eye!

Improved Theme Park

Sim Theme Park game is really excellent, very user friendly and fun to play. There are several goals to reach and sorts of parks to build. You can see your performance and how happy your clients are. The game has good graphics for the time of its release.

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