Ski Resort Extreme

Simulation 2004 Windows Global Star Software Business Tycoon style Building

Not very extreme

The addition of the word 'Extreme' to the title of this game might trick you into thinking you're getting something a bit dangerous and out there. However, in reality, this is little more than a poor RollerCoaster Tycoon rip-off which is sadly lacking in thrills and which is perhaps best avoided by everyone except for the most rabid of business sim or skiing fans. This is quite similar to other such titles in many ways, and puts you in the shoes of a budding ski resort developer. You're given the task of attracting hordes of skiers and snowboarders to a mountain resort and getting them to splash out as much cash as possible. There are a couple of different modes to try out here, and you can either start from nothing, building up your resort slowly but surely by adding features, or you can choose to complete challenges which present you with certain conditions and then ask you to fix defined problems. There's also a map editor if you want to play around with such things, but this is basically everything you'll find here. This could have been a decent addition to the genre but unfortunately it falls a bit flat in most aspects. The general concept is sound but things are let down by the awkward interface which isn't intuitive or flexible enough to allow you to do what you need with ease. There's also a lack of depth which such a game requires if it's going to keep you playing, so things get old and samey pretty quickly. The visuals aren't bad but there's just a general lack of fun which makes this one easy to avoid.

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