Coffee Tycoon

Simulation 2005 Windows Anarchy Entertainment Business Tycoon style

Drink me!

For all those wannabe business tycoons out there, there are a number of games which give them the chance to live their fantasies without all the risks of the real world, from Airline Tycoon to Pizza Tycoon and Oil Tycoon. Coffee Tycoon is another such game and as you'd expect from the title it focuses on the cutthroat world of coffee. Unfortunately however, it's pretty dire stuff and is really best avoided unless you enjoy punishing yourself. As usual with this sort of thing, you start out with little more than grand ambitions and with your overall goal being to attract one million customers. You get to pick your company name and starting city and then it's on to various tasks like hiring staff and, once you've earned enough cash, purchasing upgrades like new coffee machines, more varied menus, and perks like holidays for your staff. There are also random events which pop up to keep you on your toes, with some of them even proving to be educational regarding the history of coffee making. In theory, this could have been a decent enough business sim of interest to those who enjoy their coffee. However, due to some pretty major faults, it's unlikely to be entertaining for anyone but the most undiscerning of casual players. The biggest flaw is its sheer simplicity, with next to no depth or subtlety of gameplay in evidence here. You just don't feel like you're involved with anything as there are no real decisions or actions to take and it's more a case of simply watching while nothing much actually happens. Very poor stuff.

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