Civilization 2: Multiplayer Gold Edition

Strategy 1998 Windows Hasbro Interactive Alternate History Trade or management Military

Another great game from the francise

Civiliztion 2 is a turn based strategy game in the Civilization franchise (such as Age of Empires), but this game is actually a re-release of the original Civilization 2, only with online multiplayer and hotseat options and a bit tweaked AI, which is now constantly unfriendly to you. That means that there is no diplomatic way to win the game, they all hate you and want you dead. Another new thing is that all of the music from the old Civilization 2 has been removed and only the new music is included. Besides that, the game is unchanged from the original. The gameplay is the same - you rule a nation and try to win through warfare or cultural and tehnological advancement. The graphics are also unchanged and they are great, which is the case with all games from the franchise, detailed and on a fast pace. The game comes with great music and sound effects. Overall, this Multiplayer gold edition is a must have for Civilization fans but if you want the original experience, better get yourself the original Civilization 2 game.

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