No Man's Land

Strategy 2003 Windows 1C Company Historical Alternate History Military Action Indie

Settlement building simulator/strategy in the American West

Similar to the Settlers series, in No Man's Land you are tasked with foreseeing the advancement of a settlement, from the ground zero to the preindustrial epoque. The game is set in an early colonized America and it pays a nice homage to the actual history of the era, but, of course it does so without taking too much of a toll on your freedom. Thus, historical events are mostly sketched, but not completely included in the game and most of the historical background is set in the way technological progress takes place. The game plays mostly as a real time strategy but the economical development is also very important. Without it you won't have a chance to advance as fast, so, all in all, the game borrows a few elements from Civ like games just to add sufficient density to the gameplay. Graphically the game looks excellent, as it is well designed and with sufficiently detailed units and maps. If you love strategy games, there is no reason not to try this one out. It definitely manages to create a great atmosphere and to hook you up.

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