Civilization 2

Strategy 1996 Windows Microprose Empire management Turn based Isometric

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Alpha Centauri, here we come!

The Civilization series of strategy games is truly one of the legends of the industry, having spawned a wealth of imitators, from Age of Empires and beyond, and if you have any serious interest in such things, this sequel to the original is one game which needs to be played. As is now typical for the genre, you start out the game with just a handful of units and bit of local knowledge, but must guide your people through life until they become the dominant civilization. The game takes you through many stages of history, and even into the future, as one way of winning the game is to send your people to Alpha Centauri, and it's this sheer ambition which is one of the main appeals here. Many now familiar elements are included here, such as resource gathering, multiple units, multiple buildings, Wonders of the World, research trees, and of course combat. Your expansion will bring you into conflict with other civilizations, which requires you to put your general's hat on and lead your forces to victory on the battlefield. Even after all these years, Civ 2 remains a first class entry into a now crowded genre. It's a pretty accessible game, even for newcomers to the genre, thanks to the slick and intuitive interface and controls, and its simple but effective and attractive visuals. It's a very deep and complex game though, in the best possible way, and there's no denying the sense of satisfaction that comes from seeing your people through tough times to emerge victorious. There's pretty much nothing wrong with this game, so if you're a hardcore fan or just curious about this sort of thing, this needs to be played.

Turn based game from a great series

When Sid Meier came with the original Civilization game, the whole world went nuts for it. This fantastic turn based strategy game soon made a cult that numbers in millions, even to this day. Then came Civilization 2 and copies were literally torn off shelves from fans in a hurry to get them the day it came out. They weren't disappointed. The game is as good as the original, with a few modifications and improvements. The view is not top down any more, but isometric, which will continue with Civilization 3, and there are more units and towns to play with. You can finish the game in two mode: destroy all the opponents or reach as first civilization a space colony (Alpha Centauri). So, play as you will. If you watch closely, there will even be a few giggles while you play. The graphics are also much improved, with much richer textures and more detail in terrain and objects. Civilization is a fantastic series and Civilization II is definitely a fine specimen. Have fun!

Veni, Vidi, Vici

You will start with a little settler and your goal is to conquer all the world. Be careful, because you are not alone, other civilizations could be more advanced than you. Here it is the second chapter of Sid Meier's Civilization saga. Improved in graphics and somehow in gameplay. This turn based strategy game will give you the ability of leading an ancient civilization from its begin to the future, conquering the enemies, discovering new exciting technology, growing with economy. A complete game that the strategy lovers should not miss.

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