Civilization 2: Test of Time

Strategy 1999 Windows Hasbro Interactive Empire management Alternate History Turn based

The gameplay is amazingly diverse

This strategy and management game is among the very best of its kinds and has so many brilliant traits to offer that cannot be normally seen with other flicks in this category. The world where all the adventures and the strategy making will take place are now 10 in total and also include the ones from the original Civilization 2 which is still played by masses. What really pushes the game into the elite category is the fact that it involves 4 different types of gameplays in this single and amazing adventure. The four new styles are in the form of for new worlds which have their own original and exciting elements. The good thing here is that each new world or type will give you a very distinct feel and will make you feel like you are playing a separate game. So it really adds to the replay value and the diversity elements which all gamers love. It's a bit shady in terms of how the diplomacy goes but the variety of strategic decisions and the adventure in the game is really amazing. The graphics are what you call top notch and the UI is what you call facilitating. So you really must try out this series if you loved the previous ones.

Basically my #1 civ, even with #4 around

Test of Time is basically one of my favourite Civilization games of all time, and i will explain why. 1. It has not two but four different styles of play, Sci-fi Or Fantasy Themed, and of course Original, and now a new Alternate Original Version that pits you against aliens as well as the usual. 2. The availability of hotseat as well in other civ games, but hotseat for me is further made useful as you can play any of the four gametypes with 1 or more friends. 3. Even though the game revolves around Four gametypes, it's just great, as each is more than just a different texture and sound pack, it's almost like a whole other civ game. Though the diplomacy system in Test of Time is rather Dull, and at best, half-assed, with a sort of linear way that if you refuse a computer's deal, you go to war immediately, which is rather annoying especially if you want to play just to have fun rather than take everyone out. And like I think with every great game, the fact that the creator's never included mod tools is a fact that usually makes me want to cry, or at least shake my head, due to the fact that Firaxis Games really doesn't care about making the game last longer. All in all, the good out-weigh the bad in this case, and I give it 5 Stars, cause it may be old, and the graphics may be horrid, I just believe that if something has Features rather than Graphics for the best thing the game has, then it's much better.

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