Commander Keen 7: The Keys Of Krodacia

Action 2006 Windows Humorous Platformer

Fan remake of the eponymous title

Commander Keen started its life without too much fuss, as a freely distributable shareware. It was similar to many of the games that took this market route, not too original, not too polished but characterfull and generally enjoyable. Therefore, the series persisted and saw its offspring litter the shareware CDs of later 90s, as well as the sprawling BBS scene and later on the microcosm of the proto internet in its other iterations. What this game here is, is a remake of the 7th title, one of the later titles in the series. What I can grasp as its endeavor is cleaning the original of its bugs, making it a bit faster, but otherwise, the game is quite the same experience. So, ultimately, I think it was either a port for the Windows based computers of the mid 2000s, as something like that would have been quite hard to be expected from the actual developers, or, maybe, just an exercise in nostalgia and learning through doing, one of these fan projects that don't necessarily need or look for a monetization proper. At any rate, for us fans of the series, it's a cool, welcomed and genuinely playable addition, which I do recommend you try.

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