Turtle Odyssey

Action 2004 Windows Realore Studios Cartoon Humorous Platformer Adventure Casual

Turtley awesome!

Turtle Odyssey is certainly not going to make it into the platforming hall of fame alongside Mario and Sonic, but if you've got younger gamers in the house and are after a nice underwater-themed piece of entertainment, you could do far worse than check this out. You play the part of Ozzy, a turtle who's had his shell stolen but as he sets out to get it back, he soon finds himself caught up in a bigger adventure that will see Good and Evil battling against each other for control of the oceans. It falls to Ozzy to track down several artifacts which protect the underwater realm in order to save its inhabitants from a terrible fate. What follows is a classically styled platform adventure where you guide Ozzy through a number of side-scrolling levels, collecting gems to open up the level's exit while defeating enemies by bouncing on them. As you're a turtle, you'll also need to replenish your air supply from time to time while there are also a number of boss battles to complete before you reach your journey's end. Turtle Odyssey is obviously aimed at younger gamers so if you're a platform purist this might not be the game for you but if you just want a nice easy-going time, then this delivers the goods. It's got plenty of charm and personality, with Ozzy making for an appealing hero, and with the visuals being appropriately bright and colorful. The gameplay is simple but endearing, with intuitive controls and clever level design, and which helps to keep you playing. It's not a game to last forever, but while it does, you're in for a good time.

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