Electronic Popple

Action 1997 Dos Dosbox Capcom Cartoon Humorous Platformer

Fight computer components

This is one of the more original games that is a mix of a platform and a fighter game with a very cool plot - you play as the ROM or RAM (computer parts) and the whole game takes place inside a computer. On your way from one level to the other, boxing gloves on your hands, you battle transistors, chips and other computer components that are standing in you way. Of course, since this is a platform game, there is a lot of hopping and bopping around. I made a reference to fighter games because the fighting with the components look like in a fighter games, you use your fists and defend just like in those games, only the fights last for a few seconds. The game is very cute and original in the character and level design. It's cool to see a computer component with a cartoonish angry face and little hands with boxing gloves on them :) The graphics are very detailed with full coloring and fantastic animation. The sound effects are also very cool and add to the whole wacky atmosphere. This has got to be one of the funnest platforms I have played. Two thumbs up! For similar games, go with Donald Duck: Cold Shadow, another cool platform game.

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