Heracles Battle With the Gods

Action 2007 Windows Anuman Interactive Platformer 3D Adventure

Not worthy of the gods

This is a pretty low budget and rather obscure affair that is likely to be missed by just about everyone but to be honest, if this one never finds its way into your collection, that's probably not going to matter too much. It's a sort of weird mix of classic action/platform games like Nebulus and Gods but is just too obviously hampered by its low budget status to be anywhere near enjoyable. The game itself is a fairly light-hearted take on the Hercules legend and finds you in control of the famous hero as he sets out on another epic quest to rescue his old chum, Pegasus, who has been kidnapped by the evil Poseidon. What follows is a platform romp where you explore various mythologically themed environments (thirty in total) while facing off against a number of appropriately styled enemies and hazards. These include the likes of Medusa, Cerberus, the Minotaur and many more. Most of the time you're wandering up vertically scrolling levels in simplistic fashion and it's here where the game's many problems begin. Although the core concept is decent enough, with the mythological aspect having worked well in game such as Myth, here it's all squandered on some overly simplistic and repetitive gameplay which doesn't take long to get extremely boring. Although the visuals look okay in screenshots, although still not anything special, the animation is pretty poor stuff. Similarly, the gameplay is just tedious after about five minutes with little in the way of action or excitement. Throw in some ropey controls and you're left with a real dud.

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