Rally Challenge

Racing 1997 Windows SoftKey Multimedia Car simulation Rally Off road

Full action rally racing

It is an above average rally game where there is a lot of racing action waiting for your approval. The game gives you three famous rally racing cars of those times and the dynamics of each car in the game are fairly realistic. There are 9 different tracks in the game that have been set in 9 different countries such as France, Australia, Indonesia, Sweden and some others. The best thing in the game is that the venues have such exotic and unique tracks that are not normally seen in any other rally racing game. The variety of graphics for each venue is very alluring and the terrain dynamics are also very diverse to make the game really competitive. You can also race with a human opponent over a network connection and can also race against phantom racer. The time trail race mode has also been incorporated in the game. The controls in the game are one of its best features as they are equally well synced with keyboards and joysticks. The camera angels in the game are also multiple and the UI is pretty good as well. The game is all out fun and entertainment but cannot beat the likes of the classic such as Stunts.

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