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Digitization of the tabletop game Titan

Colossus is a game that looks very similar to Titan, a tabletop game, that shares a lot of elements with wargaming, hex based wargames, that is, with some classic games of the tabletop genre but also with Archon, the chess like action/strategy combo video game and Fantasy General another strategy game from the DOS era. In truth it is not one of the most difficult games of this sort, but it sure does a great job at keeping you full of activities; you have a lot of different skill sets being used, as the strategic and the action part will both take a while to sink in. Graphically, Colossus is a game that looks great: the color scheme is definitely worthy, it looks alright, and the graphics per se, the way they chose to do them, looks just as good as well. So, overall, Colossus is the kind of game you will immediately like, as it is easy to learn to play, and, in time it can prove a great tabletop replacement, especially if you feel like home in retro games. Sure, Archon is the more strategically inclined one, but Colossus is the strategy equivalent of a puzzler game, which is quite rate in this form.

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