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A fenomenal strategy board game on computer

Carcassonne PC is a very beautiful computerized version of the hugely popular german board game with the same name that came out in 2001, and I liked it very much. The first thing that got me is how the game looks and sounds very good. It's the 3D rendering with very nice visualization and camera angle that hooked me good. But the game itself is great. If you're not familiar with the rules of the board game, here they are in short - Each turn, you have to put a tile on the board to form a coherent terrain and gain extra points if you put followers on said tile because then you have exclusive access to that tile. The objective is to score the most points. It's very simple, but a lot of fun because it involves strategic thinking, and it is not easy. You play against up to 4 other players for a afternoon well spent. This game is one of the rare examples of great transformation of a board game to a computer version. It'll bring you hours and hours of fun and a good brain training. Perfect for strategy lovers, and it's a great choice for a bunch of friends together looking for something fun to do. In fact, me and my friends are playing again this weekend. Have fun!

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