Zeus: Master of Olympus

Strategy 2000 Windows Sierra God game or micromanagement Myth and legend Building

Classic city builder

This city builder, released by Sierra Entertainment in 2000 is a nice Real Time-Strategy game that depicts Greek mythology in a funny way through the infrastructure and the citizens dialogs. The game has several campaign modes, each consisting of a series of different maps and objectives. There are also three sandbox maps where you are free of objective-constraints. The main objective is usually acquiring a number of resources, defeating a certain city or slaying a monster that prohibits you from gaining specific resources that you should use for your city to thrive. To defeat the monsters you need heroes which you can summon by building worship halls for them and those halls require certain goals to be met in order for the summon to happen. When you start a new map, you begin with a bare land and a small amount of coins. It is up to you to figure out how to make money, how to feed the population and how to thrive essentially. The economy you choose is affected by factors such as your neighbors, and what they are willing to buy or sell. The game lacks a good combat system. If you want to conquer another city, you just make the army and send it to attack. When defending there are two modes available (automatic and manual). When in automatic your army stays put in the approximate location where the enemy attacks and the system AI does not care about any city between the main city that is being attacked and the enemy city. In manual mode while you hoped things would get better you are wrong! In manual mode, it is nearly impossible to select the units, and when you do select them you can't really attack with them. Let's not say that you can't bring all your units to the same spot, it is impossible. It is recommended you conquer the city before it attacks you. This game also lacks a map editor, which is a perfect feature for this type of game. Overall, this game is fun to play, and even if it is not as dense as Age of Mythology it still is a great enjoyable city-builder in which you do not get overwhelmed during gameplay.

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