Can't Stop

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Classic boardgame shenanigans

If this looks or sounds familiar, then there's probably a good reason for it. It's based on one of Parker Brothers' lesser known board games (it's not quite the household name that Monopoly, Cluedo or Risk are) but despite its lack of fame, it remains something of an underappreciated classic. This is freeware take on the game and provides the same kind strategy fun as its non-computerized version so if you can dig out some friends, it makes for an entertaining way to spend a weekend. The game is fairly complicated to explain on paper and makes a lot more sense when played for real, but is a kind of progressive scoring dice game where the goal is to capture three columns which are positioned on the board. Players take it in turns to roll four dice, choosing how to pair them up and then placing them on the appropriate columns. You can continue to roll the dice for as long as you can make certain combinations but if you roll the wrong numbers then the turn is over, play passes to the next person and you lose any progress you might have made towards claiming a column. It sounds a touch abstract like this but in practice, it turns out to be a highly addictive and somewhat boisterous game. If played with the right people, then all sorts of goading can occur as players try to force their opponents into putting their faith in the dice gods and laughing hysterically when it all goes wrong. There's nothing spectacular about the visuals here but the gameplay is the real star and if you can get together some likeminded chums, then you're guaranteed a good time.

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