Command Adventures: STARSHIP

Arcade 1993 Dos Dosbox Merit Studios Space combat Flight shooter

Simplified, arcade space action game

Those that found the Star Control series a bit on the difficult side will find that Command Adventures: STARSHIP offers a simpler, sleeker alternative. This game is a really well put together space explorer, trader and space shooter, a bit on the 4X side but nothing too intricate. In fact, in my opinion, the game's leniency towards very arcade controls and its architectural simplicity make it a much more relaxing title than many other space games, games that just might have gone a bit too far in simulating too many facets of starship management and other systems. But, nevertheless, this is not a dumb game, it's not simply a space shooter disguised as something more; it does a good job on all fronts, it's just that it doesn't loose its footing on too many details. That is why I find it so much more rewarding, because it offers you just as much as you can handle and nothing more. So, if you're like me and like an unpretentious game, Command Adventures: STARSHIP will deliver. So give it a try if space shooting with some nice extras is something you like, but don't really want to lose your time with too much nonsense elements.

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