Highway Fighter

Arcade 1994 Dos Dosbox Omega Integral Systems Shooter Space combat Flight shooter

Race and fight on the forward scrolling highway

Highway Fighter is a cool, simple, 16 bit looking game, pretty neat, well executed, and, overall, fun to play. You get to both drive and shoot, from top down, in a polished looking world, with loads of square based graphical elements that create a pretty cool looking experience. More than anything, Highway Fighter is diverse, as there are loads of different opponent vehicles to combat against, as well as loads of unique looking enemies that are stationary. Now, the roads will have some curves, here and there, but for the most part the road is straight, while the left and right movements that you will need to do are based around trying to avoid the enemies and the enemy bullets. So, as you will find out, Highway Fighter is great for prolonged play; it's got a beautiful mix of challenges, most of which are pretty interesting, and also, the game has a really classy, 16 bit look. A good alternative can be Highway Hunter similar in gameplay, but graphically more of a Japanese tinged game, loads more colorful as well. So, when you want to shoot your way on the highways, these two will certainly offer you a great experience!

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